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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When will players and parents know their schedule?

A: Practices and games for all levels during the spring season do not have a pre-determined schedule until after Evaluations, Draft Night, and Coaches' input. This process occurs in early March. These dates and times are determined AFTER teams are established the week following "Evaluations" (on or around the first week in March) and "Draft Night" (on or around the second week in March) based on the schedule of our coaches, our number of coaches, umpire schedules, and field availability. Once teams are formulated, you can access your child's team and schedule via the Sports Engine App.

You can learn more about Evaluations on our Registration Page under “Registration Information.” League meetings also play a role in the upper levels. We hope to offer a minimum of one to two practices and one to two games per week for each team and level with practices and additional games occurring on weeknights and primary games occurring on Saturdays. Sundays always remain a practice option for coaches. Obviously, things could always change.

We realize that is as ambiguous as it can get, but there are several moving parts associated with scheduling, especially when registrations and coach availability fluctuate from year to year. If you need definitive answers, the best way to take part in the process is to sign on to coach with PYJSBA because we do our best to accommodate schedules that fit our coaches’ availability.  You don’t need to know everything or even anything to coach with PYJSBA as we have a tremendous support system!

Q: What time are the games and practices?

A: Most of our coaches work during the day; therefore, games and practices are scheduled around 6pm on weeknights.  We also schedule games on Saturdays starting at 10am and running through the evening.  

Q: How long are games and practices?

A: Games are typically two hours long.  Tee Ball and Rookie Pitch are typically shorter while the older leagues could last a little longer. Practice length is left up to coaches once they have their teams established. Field availability and age also play a role in this, but typically each practice could run an hour and a half to two hours.

Q: Can I request that my player be placed on a specific team with a specific coach, friend, or group of friends?

A: Siblings are rostered together when within the same level. This makes family schedules easier, but no request is needed as registrations of siblings are “batched,” and when they’re rostered within the same age level, they are rostered as a “package.”

For non-siblings at all levels, TeeBall, Rookies, Minors, Majors, and Babe Ruth, we DO NOT take specific requests in an effort to promote social growth. With the older levels, we must keep rosters competitively fair. All of our teams are formulated with coaches’ input and therefore, honoring requests becomes nearly impossible. Not to mention how easily such requests can be “lost in the shuffle.” 

In early March, Tee Ball Coaches “select” their teams while  Rookies through Babe Ruth players are “drafted” by coaches based on Evaluations.  

Parents with requests for TeeBallers are encouraged to do one of two things to help them accomplish a specific request: Sign on to coach with PYJSBA as the formation of teams is reliant upon coaches’ input. If you can’t coach, try to touch base with someone you know that is coaching at this level and speak with them about your request. That way, when the coach provides their input on formulating their team, they can attempt to honor your request.

For Rookies through Babe Ruth, we encourage parents at these levels to also sign on to coach with PYJSBA as the formation of teams is reliant upon coaches’ input. However, even as a coach, you are specifically directed to formulate your team according to Evaluations to keep teams competitively fair. You can learn more about Evaluations on our Registration Page under “Registration Information.” If you can’t coach, Parents may also consider contacting a coach they know to request that they add your child to their “draft" list. However, coaches are consistently reminded to formulate their teams based on Evaluations. You can learn more about Evaluations on our Registration Page under “Registration Information.” A variety of skill levels is of the utmost importance when filling a roster at these levels.

*There is no guarantee that parents or players will get the coach of their choice or be rostered with friends of their choice, but parents and players should rest assured that ALL of our coaches are fully vetted and certified, and all of our players are registered for the same purpose: grow a love for baseball and get better at the sport!

Q: What is Cal Ripken & Babe Ruth Baseball, and how does it differ from other programs?

A: There are far too many differences to list, but PYJSBA continues to work with other organizations to make possible for our most serious players the opportunity to play in multiple programs in an effort to improve their game. Chartering with Cal Ripken Baseball makes that desire possible, especially with post-season scheduling. Check out the Cal Ripken Site to learn more about why PYJSBA has chosen the organization for our program offerings.

Q: What equipment do I need to purchase?

A: With your registration fee, PYJSBA supplies hats, jerseys, and socks. All players will need their own grey baseball pants.  PYJSBA, through our fundraising efforts, again plans to provide each team with a team bat, a couple of team helmets, and a set of team catcher's equipment.  If you may be uncomfortable with your child sharing these items, you are free to purchase them on your own for your child. Your child will also need their own mitt.  

Q: Where do you recommend I purchase equipment?

A: Dick's Sporting Goods and Amazon are definitive go-to's.
Keep an eye out for our PYJSBA Dick’s Sporting Goods coupon in March! We will post on the home and Facebook page. We will also email it. 

Q: I am interested in helping coach.  Who do I contact?

A: Contact our Player and Coach Agent as soon as possible and be sure your review our Coaches' Page to begin taking care of the necessary certifications.

Q. How do I sign up to fulfill my Volunteer Duties?

A: Visit

Once there, 

  • Click on the "Volunteer Sign Up" Button at the bottom of this page.
  • Doing so will take you to our "Pinelands Youth Jersey Shore Baseball Dib Sessions" page.
  • On our "Pinelands Youth Jersey Shore Baseball Dib Sessions" page, you will find the list of available "Volunteer Sessions" titled "Dib Session."
  • Click the date you are available to fulfill your Volunteer Session and the type you prefer. (These sessions update throughout the season, so please check back weekly for other opportunities).
  • Once you click on a date and session, this will take you to a description of the task and a list of available time slots and locations for you to choose from. Click on a slot that fits your schedule.
  • Again, review the description, time, and location of your selected session.  If all is good, click "Claim this Dib Item."
  • That's it!  Just show up for your Volunteer Session at least five minutes early to sign in for your designated time and location and complete your task.
  • Once sign-ins are reviewed, your session will be marked complete, and a check for your Volunteer Rebate will be processed.

Q: Can you help provide information regarding travel-level competition and/or individual or small-group instruction?

A: Yes! PYJSBA is recreational level play made possible by Jersey Shore Baseball, an elite-level travel and instruction program. More information can be found at or by emailing

Q: Can a parent request a level change for their child to “bump up” or “bump down” a level?

A:  PYJSBA’s registration system, by default, levels each player registered by their age according to league rules; however, we realize that some players possess skills above and beyond their age level while some may be below their age level. Evaluations are, in part, held for this very reason regarding Rookies, Minors, and Majors levels, so if players at those levels are better suited “playing up” or “playing down,” Coaches make that determination and recommendations based on their performance at evaluations. A PYJSBA representative will always contact the parents of these players to discuss recommendations before making a final decision.

If a child is registered by default, under TeeBall, but parents are seeking to realistically “bump up” their child a level to Rookies, PYJSBA welcomes these players to participate in evaluations, and a PYJSBA representative will contact you to discuss coaches’ recommendations.

Special Note Regarding All-Stars: If a player is “bumped up” for the regular season, and the player is selected for All-Stars, parents should anticipate their child participating at their age-appropriate level to fill rosters, as these teams are formulated and registered with the state and Ripken Baseball by age, not league levels. Determinations and recommendations regarding All-Star participation are determined by regular season performance as described below.

*Regarding a “bump up” to participate in Drills & Skills Sessions, PYJSBA is limited in space and will offer this opportunity to 7 & 8-year-old players if possible.

All-Stars Specific FAQs


Q: What is the All-Star Program?

A: All-Star gameplay begins after the regular season is complete; although, most teams begin practices earlier. All-Star play is team play against the highest-skilled players within the town and possibly competitive teams from outside of Little Egg Harbor.  The ideal tournament experience begins toward mid-to late June with possible advancement into late July and early August.  Cal Ripken teams from across New Jersey participate annually.

Q: Who Can Participate?

A: Each season, all players registered in good standing with PYJSBA are eligible to participate.

“All-Star” Selections Overview

What is All-Stars?

Under the Ripken Charter, we are permitted to enter the following tournament teams to participate in All-Stars: Softball (8u through 12u), Rookies (8u), Minors (9u), Minors (10u), Majors (11u), Majors (12u), Babe Ruth (13u), & Babe Ruth (14u). Coaches willing to commit to the following additional workload that comes with All-Stars are granted the opportunity and PYJSBA pays for uniforms and having their team entered through program-wide fundraising efforts. Coaching staff requirements include a minimum of (3) three coaches (a bench coach, a first-base coach, and a third-base coach with one being named team manager) and a (1) one scorekeeper, who must use Game Changer outside the bench area and field of play.  All coaches are permitted to rotate roles. ALL Level Coaches are welcome to help coach during the official tournament and preparation period from June 18 through July 6.

Each age-level team or a combination of age levels, with younger age-level players playing up, has the opportunity to enter all-star teams for All-Star play. Tournament play starts in late June and can run as late as the beginning of August, depending on State entry advancement. Chartered programs can enter as many teams as desired in either or both tournaments offered; however, rosters are locked once teams are migrated from charter to state.  Both tournaments run simultaneously, so players cannot be rostered on multiple teams, levels, or tournaments.

Tournament Options: 

  • Tournament Option One (the only option for 8u Baseball & Softball) is the State Tournament. This tournament is for programs that believe they have a team or multiple teams that can compete at the highest level of competition across Ripken Baseball Charters with the possibility of regional and state advancement. There is no qualifying district tournament to determine eligibility; this was eliminated. If programs want in, they're in. Additionally, Tournament Option Two is an “Iron Man Tournament,” which is for Programs that want to offer an All-Star Experience but don’t necessarily have a State Tournament caliber team. This is a single tournament with no opportunity to advance beyond the teams entered.


Players must be registered with a Chartered Babe Ruth program, rostered on a team under the current year's Charter, and participate in a minimum of 50% of the games scheduled to be eligible to participate. 


“Tryouts” are embedded as practices and games throughout the regular season. All-Star roster spots are earned based on regular rec season stats, gameplay, and performance in higher-level games that are scheduled during the regular season. Beginning in late April to early May, players that have proven to have the ability to compete at a higher level via in-season stats from inner-league play and are interested in participating in All-Stars will rotate onto an “All-Star Tryout” roster from week to week. The top players remain on a revolving roster until a minimum of 10 players are considered the “Top 10.” At this time, official All-Star preparation begins no later than the second week of June. All level Coaches are expected to select and formulate the most competitive 10-player teams possible for participation. Each Final Roster will also have 2 alternate roster spots for players who may not be a part of the Top 10 but exhibit All-Star quality characteristics or emerge as stat leaders late and will have the opportunity to continue to participate in practices and possibly receive limited playtime during the tournament.

All-Star Selection Process

In order for this to work, all level coaches must be cooperative and willing to work with the volunteering head coach to make selections and team formulation possible.

*Special Note: PYJSBA will hold our Annual Southside Championship in June and guarantees that all teams will have their best players for those games.

  • Specific level Coaches will be asked in the last week of April for their top-performing catchers’, pitchers’, fielders’, and batters’ stats, notes on gameplay, and competitive attitude. Stats must be presented for player consideration, and we communicate this to parents openly. Game Changer or traditional bookkeeping is used by participating levels.

  • “All-Star Tryout Practices:” The Top 10 performing players across all participating level teams, based on these stats, are expected to attend an All-Star practice on the same night that the volunteer Head Coach practices. Other players on this coach's team will still have practice and have the option to practice with the other participating level team when they are offered the opportunity to join that week.

  • One potential sacrifice other coaches must be willing to make is practicing starting in May, without their best players. As may be the case with top players who play in travel or LL. Players on the volunteering coaches team are offered the opportunity to practice with one of the other teams at the participating level that week.

  • “All-Star Tryout Games:” PYJSBA will enter the Tri-State Elite League to ensure higher-level opponents. These games will occur on the volunteering head coach’s regularly scheduled “rec game slot” so as not to add extra days to players’ and coaches’ schedules. Other players not considered part of the "top 10" on this coach's team are provided the option to play with the other participating level teams.

  • One potential sacrifice other level coaches must be willing to make is playing one out of two rec games per week starting in May, without their best players. In their place would be players from one or both of the other two teams not scheduled to play two games that week.

  • Each week, stats and in-game performance from the higher-level outer-league game and inner-league games will be reviewed to again determine the current “Top 10” All-Star Prospects.  If the current week’s Top 10 are different players from the previous week, or other “Top 10s” are not available that week, new top-performing prospects will alternate into the roster of 10 and replace low performers, regardless of who they are.

  • The goal is to have a “Top 10” All-Star Prospects identified no later than the first week of June based on higher-level game stats and overall gameplay to continue higher-level practices and games revolving around the remaining two “alternate” spots until they are filled.

Should a player whose stats prove them to be an All-Star Prospect late in the season after a “Top 10” are rostered, these players will be afforded the opportunity to join the “Top 10” as an alternate and possibly move up the roster depending on performance in the higher level practices and games.

Please remember, there is no mandatory playing time rule for our All-Star teams.

Q: If my child is selected to participate in All-Star "Tryout" practices and games, do they have to attend to secure a spot on an All-Star team?

A: Yes. If an extenuating circumstance occurs that would prevent a player from attending the All-Star Tryout practices and games after receiving an invitation to participate, what to do will be communicated by the participating level coaches.

Q: How Much of a Time Commitment Can I Expect? 

A: All-Star Scheduling is contingent on the success of the team: “The More You Win, The Further You Advance, The More Games You Play.” Typically, the All-Star team’s season begins in mid-June and ends in mid-July, but it can go into the first week of August. Practices may begin as early as April or May. The number of practices depends on the coach, but 1 practice a week during the regular season and 2-4 practices a week after the regular season is typical.

Q: Can I Take a Summer Vacation?

A: Yes, you can take a vacation. However, players need to be available for practices and games. Tournaments are scheduled by the state Cal Ripken organization. As a local league, we have no control over that.  If you think your child would like to be considered for All-Star play, but he or she is going to be unavailable (for example away on vacation) during tryouts, practices, or the tournament itself, this opportunity is probably not something you should plan to pursue.

Once final selections are made, it is strongly encouraged that All-Star team players defer vacation plans until after Cal Ripken Tournament play concludes in mid-to-late July. Some prefer to defer their plans until mid-August. A player's scheduled absence for vacation during All-Star-related activity must be taken into consideration when selecting a team, so please communicate these plans.

Q: What are the Costs We Can Expect?

A: The fees for All-Star play are established by PYJSBA, the state, and Cal Ripken and Babe Ruth Organizations. In the past, there has never been a fee for All-Star participation except for personal expenses.  We aim to keep this tradition going for now and PYJSBA covers all essential costs: Insurance, Equipment, Uniforms, and tournament entry fees. Personal expenses like additional costs for travel are incurred by parents if the team advances to the State and/or Regional tournaments.

Boundary Questions?

We have received a number of questions and concerns regarding organization boundaries and playing opportunities in neighboring towns.

Q: Are our towns’ residents (Tuckerton, Little Egg Harbor, New Gretna) permitted to play in another organization?

A: The short answer is yes, but it cannot be within another Ripken Baseball Chartered organization without a formal waiver. If you have another Ripken organization in mind, reach out to our Player Agent to discuss completing a formal request with the board. If it is a completely different organization, you are free to sign up there but are also strongly encouraged to make contact with that organization to fully understand any necessary requirements and/or limitations they have to do so.

Q: Can players register for multiple organizations?

A: Yes. Many of our players play in multiple, differing organizations throughout the spring. They cannot, however, play on multiple teams within the same organization without completing a regulated and approved process. If further information is needed on this process, please reach out to our Player Agent or a contact provided by another organization outside PYJSBA. 

Q: If a player plays in multiple, differing organizations, can they participate in All-Stars with both?

A: Speaking strictly for PYJSBA, yes. Every year, we try to offer All-Stars at the 8u, 9u, 10u, 11u, 12u, and 13u levels at this time. However, our ability to do so is strictly based on the number of registrations we have. Clearly, as is the case in other programs, to be eligible your player must be registered and play a minimum of 50% of our regular season games. They must also be prepared for the time commitment. This may differ in other programs, so please reach out to them for details. What PYJSBA can offer can and does change from year to year. PYJSBA encourages you to contact other organizations regarding their All-Star programs. Players can and do “bump up” occasionally for All-Stars at PYJSBA as outlined in the All-Star Specific FAQs.

Q: Where can I find more information regarding PYJSBA All-Stars?

A: Right here! Scroll to the All-Star Specific FAQs.

Still Have Questions?

PYJSBA is here to help!  Please visit our Board Page to find the perfect contact.